Can dementia be prevented or slowed

To help avoid the onset of dementia, it is recommended to lead a healthy life focusing on diet, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits. Regular health check-ups can help maintain optimum physical and mental health. It is also important to keep the mind active and sharp by giving your brain a good workout every day. There are many ways to keep your mind active and sharp including writing, playing games, completing crossword puzzles and reading. By keeping oneself in good health, both physically and mentally, an individual can be the best person possible. After the onset of dementia, it is important to continue these habits as they can slow the progression of dementia. Once dementia has started it is progressive, meaning it cannot be stopped.

Stages of dementia

The seven stages of dementia, knows as the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) or the formal name, the Reisberg Scale is commonly used to describe the seven stages of dementia. The second stage is commonly known as old age forgetfulness. This is the stage to really focus on diet, nutrition, fitness and keeping the mind active as this is the one stage that can be most influenced. Once dementia progresses to stage 3, cognitive ability is impacted and the affected person will start to forget, find it hard to concentrate, get lost not knowing where they are and not be able to find the right words. Once this progression begins there is an average timeline of events that occurs of the remaining 4 stages of dementia to the point where the person needs constant care as they can no longer do basic day to day tasks for themselves; they need to be fed, clothed and they loose psychomotor skills and are no longer able to walk. See here for a full description of the progression of each stage.