Creating a plan

As we age our bodies start to deteriorate having a wide range of effects that limit our physical and mental abilities. As members of our family start to age it’s important to consider what the options are in certain circumstances. This included looking at many common ailments such as Alzheimer’s, physical strength of the person and anything that has occurred within the family. It is important to discuss the options with your elderly family members and what they would like to happen and what are the treatment options are available. For example if they want to be looked after by family in their older age, then whoever in the family that will be looking after the elderly family member needs to consider their home and circumstances to accommodate for them. They may want to live their whole life in their house to death, which means they need a carer and access to any medical treatments needed. Whatever choices and health considerations are made, write them down so everyone knows the wishes of the elderly person. And when the time comes to make those tough decisions, look back on the plan and be comforted that the decisions you make honor and respect their wishes and desires to live out their lives the way they want.