Emergency Care For Seniors

Emergency care for seniors is often inadequate because medical staff are not well educated and trained in dealing with this age group. Studies have shown that most elderly people who require acute care, return to their lives upon recovery and are just as productive as before becoming ill. Yet this age group, generally 65 and older, is less likely to be taken to a trauma center to get much needed emergency care. Some emergency care centers are taking action to change this.

It is also advisable to have a file with all medical information such as: present medical history listing all diagnoses, past surgeries, past medical conditions or procedures and a detailed list of medications the elderly person is taking at the present time. This can be provided at the time when taking the elderly person to emergency or provided in advance so the files are already available if required.

In addition, safety assistance device for emergencies have become available to be installed in the home. All one has to do now is press a button and a medical personnel employee is alerted to your home. This medical alert response system involves wearing a pendant around the neck at all times in case an emergency should occur.

Seniors deserve the emergency care and respect just as anyone of any age would. The age factor bias is an insult, although most would not admit it is a factor. We have to take a stand for our elderly and hold them in regard as valuable human beings. It is already bad enough that costly medications are forcing many of the elderly population to go without their much-needed medicines, due to their decreased economic status. Seniors must be treated with the dignity and respect that they earned in a lifetime of work and caring for others.