Preparing for ageing parents

Our independence is very important to maintain as we age into our retirement years. Having you parents, family or friends enter their elderly years brings on a range of things to prepare for. This included both physical and mental considerations. As your loved ones enter their elderly years they may need modifications to their homes, such as ramps, handles in the shower, more convenient locations of draws and cupboards, the layout of the home and where the home is situated. If your loved one lives in an apartment, how do you prepare for the stairs. Also the clutter in the home. How will they go to the shops and cook food and do all the activities they normally do. They may find new activities such as bowls to keep active both physically and socially, but how do they get there, can they still drive or maybe they need to move closer to shops and places they will most frequently visit. They may not be able to do all the physical jobs and activities they have always done, such as vacuuming, washing clothes, house maintenance are some activities to consider.

There is also the mental well being to consider. Most of the time the elderly have difficulty learning new things primarily because they are not used to them and they don’t want to learn something new. This can include how to use a new TV, mobile phone, tablet or other device that can help them. Another big consideration is the onset of dementia and how it will impact their life.

These is a lot to consider and what you consider and don’t will depend on each person. There are other things such as dementia that you may consider as it can affect anyone. Have an open discussion with your ageing parents. Find out how they see their retired life and discuss all different types of circumstances, even if some of the conversations are tough to talk about. This will help you know and respect your parents wished and desires and help them live their dream retirement life.