Preparing for Alzheimer’s

We spend a lot of time focusing on the ageing process that the elderly go through and what is the best for them, that we forget about ourselves, our family and friends. When a loved one begins to show signs of Alzheimer’s, it is just as important for family and friends to prepare for what is ahead. Most people don’t realize just how confronting Alzheimer’s can be, especially to children and grandchildren. As the memories start to fade, you can be talking to your elderly loved one about a past event with you in it and because they don’t recognize you they don’t realize their story is about you. This makes looking after someone with Alzheimer’s very difficult. How can you care for someone that doesn’t know who you are and as a result doesn’t want to see you and in some cases fears you.

Preparing for Alzheimer’s needs to be in your elderly loved ones ageing plan. Prepare family and friends to make sure that they see the elderly person before the effects get severe and they are ready to one day not being recognized at all. Find a local support group or discuss with family and friends who have experienced Alzheimer’s to help understand what to expect emotionally and how to remain calm and happy around them. When Alzheimer’s starts you are essentially saying goodbye to the person that you know because the next time you see them, they may no longer recognize or know who you are. This is going to bring up emotions and can leave you distort if you haven’t prepared and don’t have a support community. Alzheimer’s is an ailment that affects many elderly people and it’s important to be prepared if your loved one start’s to get it and consider how you, your family and friends will feel, react and cope with Alzheimer’s affecting your loved one.