Respecting elderly persons wishes

The best way to approach preparing for ageing is to get everyone involved, including the elderly person. This is because they are the ones that are ageing and they should be happy with what happens with them. For example if they want to stay at home, speak to them about the cost and how that can be done and in some cases it may not be feasible. Speak to them about moving to a retirement community and even go visit some to let them see what it’s like because many have good community centers and access to activities that sill maintain independence. Even if they choose to stay home for now, discuss which one would they like to go so that you are prepared for when they are ready to go.

One of the most difficult things that the elderly go through is making new friends and being part of a new community. It is important to get the elderly person making new friend to help reduce the likelihood of depression. For many elderly people their friends and some family have passed away and their family may live a long way away and not visit regularly. This is why depression is a major issue among the elderly. They feel all alone with no one to turn to and interact with. If they live far away from everyone maybe have a discussion to get them into a retirement community earlier so they can adapt and settle in. No matter what happens, the best way is not to force them to do anything and respect what they want. And keep in mind that with mental degradation such as dementia they will no longer be able to make decisions or know what is going on. This is why having a good discussion with the elderly person together with looking at all the options works well to create a plan.